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SEPTEMBER 24, 1985

No I didn't lose my mind and suddenly decide to start living 1985 all over again. It was a wonderful year. I was starting my senior year in high school and discovered my love for photography in 1985. Some friends of my father was trying to send me on a blinddate with the man who would later, by some unknown twist of faith would become my husband (I never went on that blinddate). I got my first real job. All of these things come to mind when I think of 1985. The thing that I did not pay attention to at that time was television.\ I simply did not have time to watch tv. On this day 20 years ago ABC debuted a new sitcom that would launch the careers of several actors and actresses. Kirk Cameron would soon rise to "Superstar, Heartthob Status" with his picture on all the teen magazines. The cast would be known forever as the cast of a sitcom that would air 166 episodes over the course of it's 7 year run and require 2 reunion movies to help pacifie their fans. It has launched dozens of fansites such as this one. It would help to launch the careers of such stars as Lenardo DiCaprio, Hillary Swank, Matthew Perry, Brad Pitt,Heather Graham and the list goes on and on.

So please join me if you will at a look back to the very first episode of what is my all time favorite television show.


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