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In the very first episode we first meet Mike Seaver and it is easy to figure out this 15 year old is a charmer. He also gets himself into trouble like just about any other 15 year old would.

Maggie has gone back to work for the first time in 15 years. She quit working when Mike was born. Now, this has always posed this question to me...What about Ben? He is just a small child. Did she feel it wasn't important to give him the motherly attention that she gave Mike and Carol?

Jason has moved his pratice into the house and is going to play "Mr. Mom". In the first episode we find out that Jason's medical skills are somewhat lacking according to little Ben who injured his elbow. Ben's complain was that his dad was too clinical and didn't kiss his boo boo.

Carol's portion of this episode was not very big. It might be that the script just didn't call for it or it could be that Tracey Gold was not the original Carol Seaver. Originally Carol Seaver was going to be played by a young actress named Elizabeth Ward. After a test audiance Elizabeth was replaced by Tracey Gold. They had to reshoot the pilot, but they only reshot the parts that Carol had speaking parts in. Want proof? follow this link. Carol was what we would come to know and love her as, large vocabulary and a sense of humor dryer than the rest of the characters.

Well, Mike wants to go to a local teen hangout called "The House of Sweat". Maggie said that he was not allowed to go. Later he talks Jason into letting him go with his friend Jerry Delish. Sounds simple enough huh? well click to the next page and see how this turns out.

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